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BioShell applications

The idea of bioshell is to extends Linux command line by commands for manipulating bioinformatics data. In the current version the following programs are provided:

  • acorr - calculates autocorrelations based on given scalar and vector - type observables
  • hist - prepares 1D and 2D histograms
  • seqc - converts between sequence formats, such as FASTA, PIR, SEQ; also extracts sequences from PDB. Sequences can be sorted and/or filtered by this tool.
  • clust - hierarchical clustering of various data, e.g. protein models (originaly published as ‘HCPM’)
  • strc - structure converter utility, e.g. extracts chains from PDB
  • str_calc - basic calculations on biomolecular structures. Evaluates angles, distances, contact maps, hydrogen bonds etc.
  • trac - converts trajectories computed by CABS / SURPASS protein modeling software
  • blast_analyse - analyses multiple output files from PsiBlast
  • seq_align - calculates alignments between sequences and sequence profiles